Ron's Avant-garde Compositions ~ BACK

Designor Musik: featuring Steve Baily, Tom Mitchell, Rich Huffman. Derek Day, Steve Gould, and Rob Cargell

Monk Foot, Just a Breeder, and Jurrassic Love

featuring Rick Keller, Tom Mitchell, Clay Ostwald, Clay Perry, Steve Welsh, Santi Quintenz, George Casas and Rob Cargell

Sun Fun: featuring Matt Dingeldine, Brandon Wright, Paul Roth on reeds, Richard Hargett on drums, Rajan Purcell on bass

Spirits In Pursuit (Spill!): featuring Ron Miller, Gary Keller, Jason Carder, Filipe Lamoglia, John Yarling, Tom Lippencot, Bill Pace

Blues For the High Priest : featuring Woody Quinn and Billy Contreras


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