Baker's Dozen -- BACK

Led by Vince Maggio and Ira Sullivan, Baker's Dozen was a small big band(13 players) that was a community band of South Florida players. The era was the early 70s.

A partial listing of the players includes: Steve Bagby, Billy Bowker, drums; Don Mast, Mark Egan, bass; Mark Colby, Whit Sidener, Joe Donato, Eddie Cane, woodwinds;

Bobby Meyer, Vinnie Tannow, trumpets; and of course, Ira Sullivan, trumpet, and Vince Maggio, piano.

The following tracks are compositions and arrangements by Ron Miller

Seventh Sign, features Ira Sullivan and Vince Maggio ** Euripidean Twist features Joe Donato.

Sunchild features Ira Sullivan and Vince Maggio. * * Prelude/Secret Ceremony features Mark Colby and Ira Sullivan.