Baker's Dozen BACK

Led by Vince Maggio and Ira Sullivan, Baker's Dozen was a small big band(13 players) that was a community band of South Florida players. The era was the early 70s.

A partial listing of the players includes: Steve Bagby, Billy Bowker, drums; Don Mast, Mark Egan, bass; Mark Colby, Whit Sidener, Joe Donato, Eddie Cane, woodwinds; Bobby Meyer, Vinnie Tannow, trumpets; and of course, Ira Sullivan, trumpet, and Vince Maggio, piano.

The following tracks are compositions and arrangements by Ron Miller

Seventh Sign, features Ira Sullivan and Vince Maggio

Euripidean Twist features Joe Donato.

Sunchild features Ira Sullivan and Vince Maggio.

Prelude/Secret Ceremony features Mark Colby and Ira Sullivan.

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