Jerry Coker

This site is set up to honor Jerry Coker, my main mentor. Included are selections of various tracks JC recorded with friends and UT faculty, and two tunes I composed in honor of Jerry: JC on the Land, written for the hang we had in NC at his jazz camp 'land'. Ruth and I stayed there with JC and Patty - it was a great hang. JC in the City is a urbane tune portraying JC enjoying our hang at the NAJE conventions in NYC. Tracks 1 & 3 feature: Dan Haerle, piano, Rick Simerly, trombone; Track 2 one of JC's compositions features Jerry's brother Jack Coker on piano; Track 4 features Donald Brown, piano and Rick Simerly, trombone; Track 5 features Kenny Werner, piano, Gary Keller, sax, Billy Hart, drums, Scott Wendholt, trumpet, and Drew Gress, bass. Track 6 features Ron, keyboard, Gary Keller, sax, John Yarling drums, and Bill Pace, bass.



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- Jerry and Ron at an I.A.J.E. Convention, at the Advance Music booth, admiring our books - Ron and Jerry performing at an I.A.J.E. concert -