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Between 1972 and 1975, before there was a UM Jazz department small group program, many students and faculty formed their own groups purely because of the love of music and their desire to create and perform together. The following tracks are from one of those groups: the Miller/Colby group aka the Colby/Miller group.The initial group was Mark Colby, Ron, Mark Egan, and Billy Bowker. Later, Steve Goldstein was added on hand percussion to provide "colors" that were so in vogue in those days. The group was completed with the addition of Stan Samole on guitar. This group, arguably the best Ron has had the pleasure to be a member of had the special combination of Colby's beautiful, masculine sound and artistic melodic interpretation; the burning rhythm section of Mark and Billy, good friends that lived together and played constantly; the music provided from the Ron Miller Songbook; Steve's tasteful "colors" and Samoles burning additions.The tracks include those recorded at Criteria Studio, and those from live recordings of concerts at the UM. The tunes, all by Ron, include, Kepler's Dream, American Dirge, SR Ballad, BD Junkman, Ruth, and Halcyon Days.

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