A selection of Ron's Fusion Compositions ~ BACK

Steve Rucker recital, 1978, Gusman Hall, Ron and Jeff. Ron's rig: Rhodes, Arp Odyssey, Bose speakers, Cry Baby, Bad Stone Phase, Clavinova, All, going into four huge Altec speakers in each corner of GusmanHall - the sound was BIG!! note: tunes with links either are for access to a lead sheet or to quicktime for iOS devices.

American Dirge - American Hope- American Hype: Steve Rucker, Steve Watson, Jeff Kirk, Jeff Carswell, Ron Miller

Prelude to Men in White - Ron Miller, Synth

Men In White - Stan Samole, Mark Egan, Danny Gottlieb, Cliff Carter, Ron Miller, Manolo

Lost Illusions - Dan Bonsanti, Al Ashley, Frank Gravis, Stan Samole, Ron

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