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The Miller/Keller group: Ron, Gary, Bill Pace and John Yarling played a weekly gig at the Hollywood, Fl. jazz club owned by UM grad Stan Waldman named One Night Stan's for nearly 3 years from ca 1099 to 2001. There was some burning and fun times with the playing and the hang. One special night was the time Dave Liebman played the gig with us. Two tracks are included with this first offering of the many tracks to be posted in the future.


Dave Liebman, Bill Pace, John Yarling, Ron Miller, and Gary Keller playing Footprints, The One Night Strut: Recorded to a two track minidisc recorder. Ron, Gary, Alex Berti, John Yarling, Philipe Lamoglia BR Ballad, Palm X; Jason Carder, Chuck Bergeron, Ron and Gary playing: Dark Dance. Recorded to a multi-track Tascam HD recorder


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