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Steve Bagby, one of the most advanced, musical, and influential drummers that was a part of the South Florida scene, was a friend and supporter of Ron Miller's musical efforts.

Steve passed away in 2007. For more information about Steve, go here: Steve Bagby.

This page provides recordings of Steve's performances not available to the general public. The first four tracks are from a radio show of a performance that featured Steve's band at a concert at the Hialeah racetrack in the early 1980s. The remaining two are from an out-of-print playalong book by Ron that features Steve along with improv demonstrations by Jerry Coker. The included two tracks are from the demo side of the tape. note: the song with a link will bring up quictime player for iOS users.

Tracks 1 – 4: Steve, drums, Barry Ries, trumpet, Gary Campbell, sax, Randy Tomasello, piano: JC On the Land, SoulBod, Sunchild, The Lieb

Tracks 5 & 6: Steve, drums, Jerry Coker, sax, Ron Miller, piano, Don Coffman, bass: Lost Illusions, Nite Dancer

Steve and Ron
Steve and Bob Meyer
Ron, Steve Rucker, Matt Bonnelli, playing for Bags

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To hear more of Steve's playing, check out Bakers Dozen