So, who is this guy?

Ron Miller, Professor Emeritus of Jazz Studies at the University of Miami, received a B.F.A. degree from Florida Atlantic University and a M.M. degree from the University of Miami. As a faculty member of the UM Jazz Studies Program (1974-2007), Ron taught Jazz Composition, Advanced Improvisation, and Jazz Piano. In addition, Ron was director the Down Beat Award winning Monk/Mingus and Avant-garde ensembles, the Wayne/Herbie ensemble, and the Horace Silver ensemble.

Ron's work has been published by Belwin/Columbia Pictures, Advance Music, Mission Music, and the National Association of Jazz Educators. His book, "Modal Jazz Composition and Harmony vol. 1" is in its third printing and is a required text at many schools world-wide as is "Modal Jazz Composition and Harmony vol. 2." Ron's book The Music of Ron Miller, a song book in a playalong format is special due to the inclusion of recorded improvisation demonstrations by renown jazz educator/saxophonist Jerry Coker. Mr. Miller is a featured clinician and performer at International Association of Jazz Educators Conventions and a founding member of the National Improvisational Composers Association.

Ron's composition students have included, among others, Pat Metheny, Bobby Watson, "T" Lavitz, Bruce Hornsby, Mark Egan, Phil Coady,Veigar Margeirsson, Matt Harris, Carmen and Curt Lundy, Jon Secada, and Gil Goldstein. He has given jazz piano performances with Ira Sullivan, Allen Eager, James Moody, Rick Margitza, Kenny Wheeler, Mark Egan, David Liebman, Tim Ries, and Pat Metheny, and has backed up many show business personalities as well.

Ron's compositions have been performed worldwide, including the Jamey Aebersold Camps, and have been recorded and/or performed by notables the likes of Red Rodney, Hal Galper, Gerry Bergonzi, Pat Metheny, Ira Sullivan, Stan Getz, Jerry Coker, Joe Lovano, Kenny Werner, Billy Hart, Gary Keller, and Mark Egan and Danny Gottlieb of Elements.

Ron's compositions can be found on the following recordings: Brooklyn Blues, Danny Gottlieb with John Abercrombie; Freedom Tower, Mike Orta with Gary Campbell; Seventh Sign and Halcyon Days, the UM Concert Jazz Band; Liberal Arts , Elements; Active Ingredients, the UM Fusion Ensemble; Sun Child, Red Rodney and Ira Sullivan; Gliding, Stan Samole with Elements; Solitude In A Crowd, Barry Ries with Joe Lovano; Let's Call This That, Hal Galper with Gerry Bergonzi and Tim Hagens; and Blues For The Old New Age by Gary Keller with Kenny Werner and Billy Hart. Click the RECORDING link above for more info.

Ron's current activities include developing Mac software, recording, completing the Jazz Composition: The Creative Process book and of course composing, playing, and multiple RonJams.