The following applications were developed to run on Macs with the OSX operating systems. All are universal binary.

The Ear Trainer is not an app, but a website that is OS independent.

Note: as of November 2013, all apps are free; ignore the Kagi link. Still, email Ron for the full versions; you may send Ron a contribution if you like.


DrumThing is a compact and simple application designed be a software version of a drum machine for creating drum patterns, loops and grooves. Targeted for the education market, the apps can also be of use to the casual musician who desires a drum loop to practice with, or for experimenting with rhythmic patterns, or the composer, who, with the random feature, can find rhythmic ideas to be further developed.


Modal Ear X is an educational application that was designed for the composer/improvisor in need of increased skills in the aural identification of modal melodic and harmonic materials. The app creates an infinite number of examples of tetrachords, modes, scales, and single or groups of modal chords. The examples are displayed on staves as with any notation program for the checking of answers. System requirements: Mac OSX 10.1.3 and above, the included music fonts.


Patterns X is the software equivalent to the much acclaimed book "Patterns For Jazz" by Jerry Coker et al. An infinite number of melodic shapes and patterns are created for use as practice materials or compositional needs. Categories include: Random Symmetric Patterns, PreSet Patterns, Random modal shapes, Random scaler shapes, Symmetric Modal/Scaler sequences, and Preset Modal/Scaler sequences. There are options for manipulation of the results by transposition, and inversion of interval direction and reversal of melodic direction, all of which yield some interesting a beautiful results. System requirements: Mac OSX 10.1.3 and above, the included music font.


Further developing PatternsX, this app is the precurser of the Jazz Comp app. The melodic shapes created as in Patterns X are harmonized with an infinite variety of modal chords.


This is a cross-platform Ear Trainer in HTML format that can be run from the net, It has tetrachords and modal chords from easy to advanced; and has cool graphics and multitimbral MIDI files that are in MP3 format. System requirements: Any web browser.