Ron Miller has produced about 100 compositions that have been played and/or recorded, or in other ways have allowed them to "stand the test of time."

Ron's compositions can be found on a number of commercially and privately-produced CDs. A partial listing can be found on the following page:  RECORDINGS

Advance Music has published the Ron Miller Songbook, a collection of 40 of Ron's compositions that can be purchased from Jamey Abersold. A link to the the Aebersold page for access to the book can be foumd here: RON'S BOOKS... or simply google the book, it is available from many sites.

And, free downloads of PDF lead sheets and MP3 files of Ron's tunes are accessed from the following link: FREEBIES. Once there, follow the directions for selection and download.

And, to hear Ron's Small Group, Big Band, Nonet, Fusion and avant-garde tunes, go to RONMILLERJAZZ

The site is set up with a Flash music player for real time listening; some of the tunes have lead sheets to read while listening.

And for iOS users, selected tracks are available that will play with a quicktime player. Note that Ron is in the process of converting all tracks to HTML5 format to avoid the need for a flash player.