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The brand name, RonJam was coined by drummer Steve Rucker to describe the many jam sessions organized by Ron the thirty five years he was Professor of Jazz Studies at the University of Miami. The tracks on this CD are from recordings of the most recent ‘RonJams’ held at Ron‘s home in Dania Beach, Florida.

The musicians performing on this recording are among the best you will find in the South Florida area: Dave Fernandez, sax, a true professional, and much sought-after for both jazz performances and the Latin Music scene. Bassist Jeff Carswell, also the consummate professional, is active in the jazz and theater venues. Steve Rucker, arguably the most creative of South Florida drummers is Professor of Jazz Percussion at the University of Miami.

The Music

1. Seventh Sign, composed in 1969, is probably Ron’s most popular composition having been performed or found on recordings by Danny Gottlieb, the U. M. Concert Jazz Band, Red Rodney, Ira Sullivan, the Miami Sax Quartet, and Stan Getz.

2. Peacock Park, 1999, Based on the Coltrane tune, Central Park West, Peacock can be found on CDs recorded by Gary Keller, Hal Galper and Doug Bickel. Peacock Park is located in Coconut Grove, Florida.

3. Sunchild is one of Ron‘s ’early‘ tunes, composed in 1970. Sunchild can be found on the Red Rodney CD, Red Giant.

4. Ruth, 1969, was written for Ron’s wife. Also a popular tune, Ruth has been performed and recorded by Hal Galper, Doug Bickel, and Stan Samole.

5. Microcosm, 1964, is the earliest composition represented on this recording - this is the only documentation of this tune.

6. Soulbod, 1990, Ron‘s take on Body and Soul, has been recorded by Hal Galper, Barry Ries, and Gary Keller with Kenny Werner and Scott Wendtholt.

7. The Lieb, written in honor of Dave Liebman, composed in 1985 has been performed by Barry Ries, Jerry Coker, and Gary Campbell. This version features the beautiful guitar playing of Tom Lippincott.

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